Unforeseen accidents could lead to your car becoming severely damaged and no longer roadworthy. Damaged cars are unlikely to be worth much when traded in at a dealership, yet even if you wanted to get rid of them, their immobile state makes transporting them an arduous task.

All in all, a damaged car is a huge headache and burden. If you’re still worrying about what to do, fret no more, for Scrap Cars Syd has the solution–our damaged car for sale services.

Contact us about your damaged and unwanted car, and we’ll pay you up to $9999 for it! Not only that, but we come tow the car away for you free of charge! Speak to Scrap Cars Syd today to learn more!

Why We Do Damaged Cars For Sale

Damaged cars are mostly useless to the average person, as they can’t be driven around and can’t get sold for much. However, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure; damaged cars likely still contain a good amount of salvageable parts and recyclable fuel.

For example, a car damaged by an engine fire likely still has many reusable parts in the rear that are valuable for repair services.

Additionally, this is more environmentally-friendly than just sending everything to be scrapped, as recycled parts and fuel can help save resources. After we get you cash for your damaged car for sale and take it off your hands, we salvage as much as we can from the vehicle.

Before disposing of the remaining parts, we make sure that all oils and fluids are drained out to reduce pollution as much as possible. These small touches are what make Scrap Car Syd the top company for selling damaged cars to.

Choose Scrap Car Syd For Damaged Car Sales in Sydney

Scrap Car Syd is your best choice for damaged car sales in Sydney. We have been in this industry since 1983, and the reason we’ve lasted so long is our top-notch service.

Our professional team always offers friendly customer service, as well as efficient removal of any car we’re asked to pick up.DAMAGED-CAR-FOR-SALE in Sydney

Here are some reasons why we’re one of the most popular companies for damaged car for sale in Sydney:

  • Same-day service for car removal
  • Best price offers for damaged cars
  • Kind customer service agents
  • Professional removers who don’t cause any damage to your property
  • We take all kinds of vehicles

Give us a call today and put up your damaged car for sale!

Obligation-free Damaged Car Sale Quotes

When you talk to us about putting up your damaged car for sale, we’ll give you a quote for how much we’ll pay you after getting details about the make, model and condition.

If you don’t like the offer, you can always walk away and consider other options, but we’re certain that you’ll love our price! If you’re ready to get on board with us, we’ll organise a time convenient for you, then send out a tow truck with our experts to move the damaged car away from your property, free of charge!

With the skills of our team, we guarantee that no damage will be done to any part of your property during the removal process. Additionally, we won’t cause any damage to the vehicle either, so that as much of it as possible can be preserved.

We take our work very seriously, and you’ll definitely feel it! Give us a call at 1300 356 697 or fill in the online form to talk to us about your damaged car for sale today! We know for certain you’ll be satisfied with our prices, service and overall experience!

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