An old, rusty, or damaged vehicle lying around on your property takes up space and is an eyesore. When you start to look for companies that provide cash for unwanted cars, you will find there are numerous operators in Sydney. However, we at Scrap Car Syd distinguish ourselves in many different ways.

No matter which companies you contact, it's rare to find one that would be able to offer you the high value for your old car that we do. We make selling old and unwanted vehicles very easy. All you have to do is call our listed number and provide us with details about the vehicle, such as the model, make, condition, and age.

Our experts will visit your property, assess the condition of the car on the spot, and provide an upfront offer, which could be anything up to $9999. The price that we quote will be dependent on the type of vehicle you are selling. 

Get Paid Cash for Unwanted Car Sydney

Regardless of whether you want to sell a van, Jeep, minivan, truck, ute, car or more, we can help. If you are unsure about whether we would be able to purchase your old and unwanted vehicle, contact us today.

You can also connect with us via the online form on our website for a free no-obligation quote. Even if your car is not in a running condition, and is rusting away in your driveway for many years, you can get cash for unwanted cars from our company. 

We Buy Unwanted Cars for Cash

It is interesting that many car owners will keep their unwanted car for a long time before selling it off. You may have many reasons for doing so. You may have some thoughts of restoring it one day. Many people just can’t make up their minds about selling a car they have had for a long time.

If you want to get the free unwanted car removal service with the best unwanted cash for cars deal, then it is best not to keep it in your yard or garage for long. The longer it waits the more value it will lose. A rusting and gradual breakdown can not only deteriorate the metal body and chassis that is of scrap value, but even components can become useless.

We are Scrap Car Sydney offers the best cash for vehicles and unwanted car removals in Sydney service. We will come to you and tow away your car from your home. We can pick your car for free and still pay you cash for car removals far better than your expectations.

Expert Unwanted Car Removal Service in Sydney & Surrounding Areas

Based in Sydney, our services extend across various regions, ensuring that we cater to a broad customer base. From the Eastern Suburbs to Northern Beaches, and even to the Inner West and the Southershire, we are dedicated to serving customers throughout the entire area.

No matter where you are located, our responsive and friendly crew will promptly handle your unwanted car removal needs.

Why Sell Unwanted Car For Cash To Us?

We are highly reliable and experienced and offer the best value to our clients. If you are looking for reliable, prompt, and efficient junk car removal from your property, you are at the right place for many reasons, such as:

  • We guarantee the best price for your junk cars
  • We will remove the car from your property the same day that you call us.
  • We provide excellent customer service
  • You will find that we are proactive with providing information and collecting the car quickly.
  • Our team is friendly and professional; they will haul away your unwanted car without wreaking your yard or driveway spaces.
  • The condition of the vehicle does not matter, and you are assured of a good amount of cash for an unwanted car

We Offer Cash for All Car Types

Our expertise lies in providing SAME-DAY REMOVAL services for vehicles of all makes and models, including cars, trucks, vans, utes, and 4wds. We consistently offer our customers the HIGHEST cash value for unwanted cars, with removal prices reaching up to $9999.

Cash for Unwanted Cars Sydney

We Are an Eco-Friendly Unwanted Cash for Cars Company 

While we do like to conduct our business profitably, we also provide our clients with value for money while following eco-friendly practices. When we take your old car for disposal, our experts will salvage all the parts that can be recycled. We will also remove all the fluids and oils and make sure that they are recycled or disposed of responsibly.

You will find us to be prompt and efficient and our service is always reliable. For any other information about our cash for unwanted car Sydney service, contact Scrap Cars Syd today at 1300 356 697. You can also send your queries through this Online Form, and we will respond within a short time.

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