Cars see widespread and heavy use all across Australia. While cars are generally built to last, they eventually fall victim to wear and tear, affecting their ease of driving, fuel consumption and overall health. Maybe it’s time for you to get a new one–but what to do with your old car?

Make the most out of your ageing asset by getting cash for old cars in Sydney with Scrap Cars Syd! We take in old, unwanted cars that would otherwise simply be given away for free or traded in, and give you up to $9999 in return fast! No matter the make, model and condition of the vehicle, we take it off your hands!

The Best Option for Old Car Removal

Most people simply trade in their old car at a dealership to reduce the cost of buying a new one, but dealerships are always looking to turn a profit. While the market value of your old car is unlikely to be high to begin with, dealerships reduce the trade-in value further based on the condition of the car, how many of the same car they already have, and other external factors.

Not only does your old car fetch almost nothing in a trade-in, but you still have to foot the bill for a new car. That’s why it’s better to turn in your vehicle to someone who actually wants it and gives cash for old cars in Sydney.

Unlike a dealership, who would just resell your old car at auction as quickly as possible to remove it, Scrap Car Syd finds value in them, which is why we pay you to take them off your hands! We guarantee the best possible price for your old car, so that our transaction is a mutually beneficial one.

Cash for Old Cars Sydney ProcessCash-For-Old-Cars-Sydney

Once you contact us about an old car and give us some details about it, we give you a no-obligation quote that is set in stone–no hidden fees! We can organise for a time that is convenient for you after the deal is made, and send out a tow truck with some of our experts on board to your location.

Our old car removal service is completely free of charge, so no need to worry about delivering the car yourself! Rest assured that our team handles every job professionally. We call in advance to give you time to prepare for their arrival and always come right on schedule.

It’s not uncommon for old cars to have damaged wheels or ball joints that impede their movement, but we know how to handle this with ease. We will get your car onto our truck in a timely fashion without causing any damage to your property.

The Best Cash for Old Car Company in Sydney

The proof is in the results–we have been giving cash for old cars in Sydney since 1983 and are still going strong! We strive to have every customer be completely satisfied with our service, free of an old burden while also making back some money on their pre-existing asset.

Here are some reasons to choose us:

If all of this sounds too good to be true, don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more! We are always happy to discuss with you what we do, and our provided quotes are obligation-free, meaning you are free to step away if you don’t like the offered price for your old car. Not that we think you will–we have some of the best rates for cash for old cars in Sydney.

Eco-friendly Old Car Removal

At Scrap Car Syd, we stay conscious about the environment while performing our services. When we take in an old car, we salvage as much as possible, recycling individual parts and any remaining fuel, and taking all usable metal. The rest of the car is disposed of in a responsible manner, including any fluids that may have remained.

This ensures that the discarded parts cause as little pollution as possible, while the recycled parts and metals are used for other purposes, saving resources.

When old cars are traded into dealerships and sold at auction, they often find their way to second-hand car salespeople, who will then offer up the car to customers. Not only are old cars not as fuel efficient, they tend to create more air pollution due to outdated design. By taking your old car to us, you reduce the amount of old cars on the streets, thus helping lower air pollution. Plus, you’re getting cash for old cars!

If you’re interested in getting cash for old cars in Sydney, give us a call at 1300 356 697 or fill in the online form to get in touch. Trust that you will be satisfied by our professional and efficient service, walking away happy and with cash in your pocket!

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